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In addition to serving as timepieces, watches also serve as a platform for showcasing a person’s unique style and individuality. Citizen, a renowned watchmaker, understands this well and has been crafting exquisite timepieces for decades. We discuss the world of Citizen watches, exploring their features, craftsmanship, and, most importantly, the Citizen watches price in Pakistan.

A Brief Glimpse into Citizen Watches

Citizen is a Japanese watchmaking company that was founded in 1930. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative timepieces. Citizen watches are known for their precision, durability, and eco-friendly technology. With its Eco-Drive technology, which uses light energy to power the watches without requiring a battery change, the company has continuously embraced cutting-edge technology.

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Citizen Promaster Series

The Promaster series is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, divers, and adventurers. These watches come equipped with features like water resistance, altimeters, compasses, and more. Prices for Citizen Promaster watches in Pakistan can range from PKR 25,000 to PKR 100,000, depending on the model and features.

Citizen Eco-Drive Series

Eco-Drive watches are eco-friendly, powered by light, and require no battery changes. This collection offers a variety of styles, from classic to modern, with prices ranging from PKR 10,000 to PKR 50,000.

Axiom Series of Citizen

The Axiom series is known for its sleek and minimalist design. For those who value subtle elegance, these timepieces are ideal. Citizen Axiom watches are priced between PKR 15,000 and PKR 40,000.

Citizen Chandler Series

Chandler watches are built to withstand tough conditions and are perfect for outdoor activities. With water resistance and rugged design, these watches are priced from PKR 20,000 to PKR 60,000.

Citizen Corso Series

The Corso series is all about classic and timeless designs. These wristwatches are appropriate for both formal and informal settings. In Pakistan, Citizen Corso watches normally cost between PKR 15,000 and PKR 35,000.

Citizen Brycen Series

Brycen watches are versatile and stylish, offering a balance between elegance and functionality. Prices for Citizen Brycen watches typically fall between PKR 15,000 and PKR 40,000.

Citizen Primo Series

Primo is renowned for its athletic and dynamic design. These watches are priced between PKR 20,000 to PKR 45,000.

Factors Affecting Citizen Watches Prices in Pakistan

The cost of a Citizen watch can differ in Pakistan for a number of reasons, such as
Model and Collection
Technology and Features
Material and Build
Limited Editions


In conclusion, Citizen watches are a blend of Japanese craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and stylish design. Their price in Pakistan varies based on the collection, features, and materials. Whether you’re an adventurer, a fashion-conscious individual, or someone who values eco-friendliness, there’s a Citizen watch for you. So, explore the wide range of Citizen watches available in Pakistan and find the one that suits your style and budget.
Please note that the prices mentioned in this article are approximate and may vary depending on the specific model, location, and other factors. For buy order now.