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Use our helpful platform to shop for smartwatches online and to know smartwatch prices in Pakistan. Basic smartwatches can be purchased for as little as RS. 1,199. Conversely, more costly models might reach up to PRs 35,000. Xiaomi, Alcatel, Samsung Galaxy, Fitbit, Huawei, Haylou, Amazfit, Oneplus, HT99, D13, HW, F10, IWO, T55, HW21, and many more are some of the most popular brands we offer.

Explore our selection of smartwatches, with a variety of strap designs such as sports rubber straps, leather belts, and metal bracelets. These gadgets are more than simply a stylish addition; they’re also the perfect workout partner and an extension of your phone. Purchase from our online store. We provide cash-on-delivery services throughout Pakistan. A growing number of young people in Pakistan are choosing smartwatches over conventional ones as they become more and more common. Younger, tech-savvy consumers recognize the value of smart devices, and a wristwatch should be much more than just a timepiece.


You need to check your phone whenever it vibrates. With a wristwatch, you can monitor alerts on your wrist, ignore them, and even read SMS and WhatsApp messages. Additionally, a lot of smartwatches now let you make calls directly from your watch as well as accept and reject calls right from your wrist.

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Dynamic faces on smartwatches come pre-installed with numerous pre-built setups. The watch face and layout are interchangeable at any time. It means that whether you’re attending a formal meeting at business or a day out with friends, you can wear a fresh design at the same time. You may always have a new look on your wrist with a smartwatch.

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More smartwatches are being produced with an emphasis on fitness. Many users claim that their daily active lifestyles are better tracked and that smartwatches allow them to make smarter decisions. Numerous of these gadgets let you track your steps, keep tabs on your caloric expenditure, and record the distance you walk or run each day. Fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the fact that several models provide oxygen sensors and heart-rate monitoring.

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